We arrived at Wroclaw and started to look for our usual wild camping spots - we ended up opting for a 24 hour secure carpark which was £11 per day (GPS: 51.11048, 17.04462) which was right outside the Panorama of Raclawice.

We headed toward the Town Square the 9am rush hour was in full swing, the busyness of the place was overwhelming. When arriving at major towns or cities we usually head for the highest point to figure out where is worth seeing and take a few panorama's. So, we made a bee line for St Elizabeth's Church and ascended the hundreds of steps up to the top of the spire, the steps were dirty and some alcoves stank of urine with piles of  pigeon poo on window ledges - not something we've encountered elsewhere.

I think it was a this point we have managed to work out what it is about Poland we haven't liked. Unlike the neighboring Baltic States, Poland doesn't appear to have the same sense of pride and standard of cleanliness that we've been used to so far. No old men sweeping the steps of derelict buildings here! 

The town square was nice but as is the human prerogative for reconstruction the inside of many of the old buildings are concrete shells, evidence of the mass reconstruction which Poland underwent after WWII. 

We called Wroclaw a day after an hour or so, heading East towards Auschwitz and Krakow then exit South. 

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