Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, was going to be a challenge to visit. There are no Campsites that afford a sensible commute and the second best option of guarded parking lots seemed to come at the pricly sum of €2 per hour. Ouch. The only option, therefore, was to get there first thing and park in one of the guarded car parks and leave in good time to get out and find somewhere free to spend the night, which is exactly what we did.

Our parking location was a stones throw from the centre and we set about exploring the sights. The first stop was the Castle which was also the furthest from us. Once again, as has been the case for the last few big cities we have visited, the heat was searing and we drank a litre of water each just getting there, stopping for a smoked salmon bagel for €2. The castle sits imposingly above the Danube which runs through so many eastern European capitals but is actually best viewed as you drive out of the city and onto higher ground.

The capital itself can easily be explored in a couple of hours, such is the size of it's own town, although I doubt you really get into the nitty gritty of it. American tourists were everywhere no doubt either taking in day trips from nearby Vienna or on one of the many Danube cruises, the yanks seem to love to travel by water!

Once back at the van and with the aircon set on full, we navigated to Devin Castle which to our delight had a excellent large free car park (GPS:48.93548, 20.23742) and was sensible money to explore at just €3 each.

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