Our POI data in Autoroute
We have literally been inundated with requests for our Autoroute Data File and we apologise in advance if we haven't been able to get back to you with a link.

This information is now out of date. For the most recent version, please see this post here:

We have been working to both collate and check our information and are pleased to be able to provide you with our first release which we believe to be as accurate as possible for now.

We have created two files, one which contains just our information and one which contains our information plus all of the information we used to help us along the way, the latter of which is available further down this page.

Our 2011-2012 Trip Information - 212 POI's

Our POI data in Google Maps
Our trip information contains a detailed description of the location, the co-ordinates, the cost, if we were able to obtain free Wifi and if it was an aire, wild camping or even a campsite.

The best way to quickly view all of our information is to check out our Google Map (click) from which you can download a Google Earth KML file from the left hand side should you so wish.

This information is hosted on Google Docs and you will need to press 'download the original document' in order to download the information. Don't right click, click the links and choose 'download'.

Download in Autoroute 2011 Format
Download in Autoroute 2010 Format
Download in CSV Format

Our Full Autoroute Datafile Database

The original incantation of this file is credited by Ryan from Do Your Dream and we have added our own information to this and redrawn the icons so that they are smaller and can fit more on.

We have provided the following information in this file:

EuropeByCamper POI's - 212
Full European McDonalds Location (for Wifi!) - 5,761
Full European Lidl Locations - 9,615
Womo Wild Camping Locations - 12,482
Camping Car Info Aire Locations - 12,200
Bord Atlas Aire Locations - 5,624
LPG Filling Stations - 20,540
ACSI Campsite Locations - 2,301

Because these files are a bit larger there is a slightly different procedure for downloading them. After you click the link below, within Google Docs, you just select FILE and then DOWNLOAD. Once downloaded you can extract the ZIP file and access the co-ordinates. Don't right click and Save As!

Click for Microsoft Autoroute 2010 

Don't have Microsoft Autoroute?

You can purchase a copy from Amazon for £35.95* without a GPS receiver and £73.40 with a GPS receiver*.

*EuropeByCamper receives a small commission from Amazon for these items. To visit Amazon without earning us a commission click here.

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  1. This is by far the best download, the tweaks and inclusions you have made are fantastic. Love the smaller icons and the Womo, McD and Lidl additions! Top class!

  2. Cheeky, but is there any chance of a download for Autoroute 2007?

    1. Hi Ed, we don't have a copy of 2007. But what you can do is download a 60 day free trial from Microsoft and copy and paste (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) each of the pushpin sets into the old version. I would recommend upgrading however, the difference between 2007 and 2011 is night and day! :)

    2. A big thank-you. I will do that.

  3. Wow, this is amazing! Im about to embark on a summer around Europe and this will be such a great help - were hoping to stick to our budget, so want to stay at as many wild camping spots as possible. Look forward to reading more of your blog, thanks!

  4. Again and again i'm amazed at how much you folks are putting into this website.
    I almost feel like a fraud taking it all in!!

    The best of luck

  5. I can't believe how thorough and clear your website is. We're planning on going to Denmark and Sweden and I'm sure your info will have improved our holiday no end. Thanks for all the effort.

    I have an android phone - any idea how I can get your autoroute data into googlemaps?

    1. Hi Sushada, thanks for your comment. I'm not sure that you can (or you would want to given the cost of roaming data required to use Google Maps). Certainly you can view and download all of our own Wild Camping locations here: http://goo.gl/maps/g0Ar But I suspect there is too much data here for Google Maps to handle

  6. Excellent, makes me giddy but excited to see this. Well done!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. hello,we are struggling to get a copy of autoroute 2010 or 2011.can we use 2013 with your datafile?love the blog.

    many thanks,john

    1. Hello John,

      Yes, the 2011 file will import into 2013 no problems as we have :)