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We started a simple blog in 2008 to keep our friends and family in touch with our 3 month trip around Europe. We didn't think it would be of interest to anyone else but shortly after we returned we started to recieve e-mails from people asking for more information on where we had stayed and the places we had been. From that point on we have tried to include as much useful information in our blog posts as possible and when we struggle to find information on a place we try our best to re-publish it to be of help to others. We try not to bore you with a detailed history of every place we visit since Wikipedia or Wikitravel contains all that information so usually we include more practical details along with some of our thoughts, views and of course photographs.

One thing that has struck us on our 2011 trip is that as we have visited places that little bit further afield such as Scandinavia and The Baltics there has been a complete absence of English registered motorhomes despite the majority of other European nationalities being well represented. If we could get one thing out of our blog it would be to encourage or help other people who want to embark on a similar trip to go and do it!

We relaunched our blog in March 2011 as Europe By Camper and imported all of our older posts onto this new site. We have been staggered at the 200-300 unique daily visitors we have received and love to receive messages from people both offering and asking for advice.

Our goal is to do as much as possible for as little as we can; so that means we 'Free Camp' as much as possible, shop in Supermarkets and for the majority of time eat and drink in our van choosing to eat in restaurants just once or twice a month in cheaper countries and not once during our time in Scandinavia. If you want to know exactly what we spent on our year long trip check out our budgeting post here.

Adam worked a couple of days a week from the van which helps support our travelling and thankfully we've had no problem obtaining a Wifi connection wherever we have been. Our van is the result of many years hard working, savvy saving and investing and will become our house deposit if we ever feel the need to put down more permanent roots.

We hope you find what we write useful and informative, if you do don't forget to like us on Facebook!

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Underneath this on the right hand side you can navigate to a specific catagory or country which brings up our blog posts detailing where we have been. The last post in the series will usually be a summary of our time in that country, don't forget to click 'Older Posts' at the bottom of the page as there may be more than what is displayed on the first page.

On the left hand side is our Country Guide which can also be accessed from the top menu. We're in the process of updating this but what we hope to achieve is a fairy decent summary of all of the countries we have visited and answer some of the most basic questions with regards to visiting them in a motorhome.

Our Essential Guide contains a list of blog posts about things which make our life easier on the road and also any articles we have written about specific aspects of countries which we think would be useful.

As we travel around Europe we keep a detailed log of everywhere we stay and everything we spend with the view to posting a summary of both at the end of our trip. Our Wild Camping page contains a Google Map with a description of everywhere we have stayed on the trip to date and will eventually contain photographs of the majority of these locations
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