I'm afraid to say Poland took it out of us, we were looking forward to the mountains in the south but we took one look at Zakopane and couldn't face it. As usual things changed at the border there have been no advertising hoardings so we can actually see the countryside again and what a magnificant view it is.

We found a great wild camping location (49.16768, 20.26992) on a newly built tiered car park next to the Ski lift with access to the mountain range where we have stayed for 3 days free of charge. Yesterday we attempted to get the lift to the very top, we arrived at the ticket office at 8:30am to find that there were no tickets left until 3pm! It turns out the final accent is just a single car with bookings every 15 minutes up and down - and was also €50. We felt a bit smug when the cloud's rolled in, totally obscuring the peak from view!

Sophie didn't like the journey to the top especially when we were launched out of the station to high above the tree tops but the view was magnificent. We thought the free map we were given would be sufficient, it wasn't as it turned out and we turned back from one trail after discovering that it would take us 8 hours to get back down again!

Today we did the same walk but in reverse, with the aid of a detailed map, walking from where we are parked at 800m to the top at 1810m where the cable car station is although this time we walked down. We would have gone on the 8 hour route but we realised that just getting to the start of the trail is 2 hours in itself, we'll be back to do it another day.

Summary of Today's Walk

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