Sighisoara was our first 'proper' Romanian village, having driven through many smaller villages and a few medium sized which held no real interest Lonely Planet lead us to the wonderful village of Sighisoara.

Sighisoara is a medieval fortified town, during the 12th Century merchants and craftsmen occupied the town and the famous Clock Tower was built in 1280 - it has now been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Behind the clock tower there is plate honoring Vlad Dracul which marks the house where "Vlad the Impaler" was allegedly born.

There is also an old staircase leading up to the Church on top of the hill which was built in 1642 and was used to ease the rush of students heading to what used to be a school on top of the hill.

The first challenge of the day was parking, we found a good central road side spot but the signs said we needed to pay but we weren't sure how. Eventually we found a guy in a high-vis handing out tickets which looked like lottery scratch cards. Did we want an hour (30p) or a day (£1) - we opted for a day!

Once again another scorcher of a day - easily topping the 30's today I'd imagine without so much as a breeze. We began to explore Sighisoara, the birthplace of Dracula. It was surprisingly un-touristy and the Citadel old town with it's maze of streets and the clock tower with it's views over the town held our interest for considerably longer then many places we have visited.

 We took a gamble on the roads towards Sibiu which paid off and we were treated to villages full of Romanian's, or Roma's, in their traditional red dress. We took a few photographs but owing to the sun and our windscreen caked with flies none of the shots came out too well!

Once back on the main road we spent an hour or so looking for a Wild spot but didn't find anything that took our fancy, so we ended up on a small Dutch run campsite for the night.

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