We ended up staying 3 nights at our Wild Camping spot the Voronet Monastery as the weather was (and still is) fantastic here in Romania. When we left we headed towards the Bicaz Gorge first passing over the Bicaz Lake Hydroelectric Dam which gave some dramatic views to the surrounding area.

Bicaz Gorge initially felt very similar to Cheddar Gorge back at home, however once we entered it was clear it is on a much grander scale with the windy road and overhanging rocks adding to the effect. There is also much more 'tourist tat' here then had Cheddar but then this is one of the main sights here in Romania so it is to be expected. On request we took a short video, but the sun and our mounting arrangements weren't in our favor - promise we'll try and do better for the Transfăgărășan Highway!

Afterwards we visited Lacu Rosu which means "Red Lake" in Hungarian, was in fact more of a muddy brown colour when we visited. The tree stumps, however, were still clearly visable peaking out of the water. The lake got it's name when a landslide happened causing a natural dam but at the same time crushing a group of pick-nikers who were nearby at the time, or a variation on this theme depending on where you read it.

Determined to continue with our Wild Camping theme we headed for another dammed lake and found that it was surrounded by fellow campers mostly in tents but there was a couple of VW vans. We pitched up for the night in a location overlooking the water.

Sangeorgiu de Padure GPS: (46.41040, 24.88269) - 2 miles drive up a gravel track to a reservoir - free place to wild camp, lots of other tents on both sides of the water. Bad road leading up to it. 

Here is the video we took, look out for the home made camper van at 2:25!

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  1. Lacu Rosu means Red Lake in Romanian, not Hungarian. The Hungarian name means the same thing, but it's one of those weird looking words that they have.