We left Stockholm on Tuesday morning after spending 5 nights there, we could have easily stayed longer but we needed a bit of a rest after hiking round the city and parkland in 25-30 degree heat. We did everything we wanted to do and would still return and do it all again. It's in our top 3 capital's, but it's position is yet to be determined.

We travelled north east to visit some of the castles in our guide book, the weather continued to be searing and once again we had the whole grounds to ourselves to explore in the continuing heat (we've even used the air-con for the first time on this trip, although only for ten minutes!). Steninge was also vacant expect for Volvo trying to persuade some fleet buyers to order the new C30 electric hybrid.

Uppsala commanded a double page spread in our guidebook, but the reality there wasn't a great deal to see there and the highlight of the day was Sophie navigating me the wrong way up a one way street and up a cycle track!

The next day we wanted to get some miles under our belt so that we could get into Norway and Oslo for the weekend since there isn't a great deal to see in this region of Sweden. There was a UNESCO world heritage site however, which again was deserted and we wandered around the old buildings and machinery dating from the 1700's. Bit spooky if you ask me!

Our long trek was rewarded, however, with Orebro close to the Norwegian border. The town had a lovely castle and the fast flowing river and fluffy clouds (haven't seen any of those for weeks!) gave a great backdrop. Every duck had 8-10 ducklings following it in an orderly line and we counted a Goose with 14 babies!

Tomorrow we pass over into Norway, so we'd better fill up with cheap (ish) diesel while we can!

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