The weather has been variable the last few days, but the heatwave we had experienced couldn't have lasted - this is Norway after all! We've been on the trail of some of the best waterfalls having visited Kinsvik waterfalls walk and Steinsdalfossen in the last few days.

Kinsvik involved a hike up a rough terrain mountain which took you right up close to the waterfalls, the water flowed over the path in places and the woman in the Tourist Information office said we were too early, but we negotiated the terrain marked with red T's and markers strung from tree's fairly easily. Once at the top, the trek down the gravel track is rewarding - I'd not have wanted to do the trek up the mountain in reverse. You can park at the Power Station (passed the Heliport) or leave your car near the Go Karting center and walk down the road to the Power Station for part of the way.

Kinsvik itself provided lots of Wild Camping opportunities, as have the majority of the towns in Norway thus far. There is a ferry from here also, but around the corner a bridge is being built so these are no doubt set to be discontinued in 2013 when the bridge opens. 

Steinsdalfossen waterfall is impressive and it's great you can walk behind it (a bit like the Ingleton Waterfalls Walk if you've ever been on that one). Try and cover your eyes as you walk up to it though, the tourist tat shops spoil the landscape! I'm not sure how many I love XXX T-Shirts people go home with but they are everywhere!

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