The morning started near Balestrand as we ascended up to Vassenden via Highway 13 avoiding what would have been yet another ferry. The route is popular with walkers who walk the length of the 21km path and get a return bus back to Balestrand. The bus wasn't running yet as we're a bit early (May) and we soon saw why - a lot of the trail is still covered in snow and the wooden duck boards which are used on large sections are very slippery when wet, a shame because I think we would have attempted it otherwise.

The only other traffic we have seen have been Camper Vans and in several places the drifts were higher then the van but the roads remained clear and open. I sense the Norwegians were laughing at us over our snow in December 2010!

Yet again we're parked in the middle of nowhere with great Wifi access thanks to an art gallery nearby, we're parked with a great view of the lake wondering now we've traveled a couple of hundred miles further north how late it will be before it gets dark tonight!

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