We still can't quite believe our location, right in the center of Stockholm, or our luck with the weather so far - blue skies and 25c out of the wind. We've spent the last two days in T-Shirts which makes a pleasant change and somehow the contents of Sophie's backpack has made its way into mine! Nobody here wears shorts though, so I've refrained - I'm not sure Scandinavia is ready for that yet...

Attraction wise there are plenty in Stockholm, but we're not really big fans of Museums as a rule and I don't think there is much chance of me getting Sophie in at the theme park. That said, we're more than happy to walk around on foot and enjoy the sights available for free and we've now walked to the edges of the tourist map in every direction.

Yesterday we made our way to Djurgarden, a massive park a stones throw from the center of the city. On our way there we passed an army recruitment day and the war ships were lined up on show along with military vehicles etc which was followed by a picnic in the park before we made our way to the TV Tower which was a reasonable £4.50 each to get to the top. After a frustrating ten minutes of trying to shoot my SLR through the mesh I remembered Sophie's camera in my rucksack and was soon snapping away, it's tiny lens peeping between the railings. The whole area was swamped with Russian tourists - in fact the vast majority of buses here are Russian registered. We explored the second park Ladugardsgardet where a Circus was setting up, no Lions but plenty of Camels and Zebra's on show.

Today we've been to the Royal Palace, we decided that we can't spend 5 days here and not pay to visit at least a couple of major attractions. To be honest, the changing of the guard with its horses and extravagance is probably enough - the palace was nice, but if you've been to as many old stately homes as we have you become a bit numb to it. The treasury was 'OK' but I think 45 minutes for a guided tour must be padded out a but since we were round it twice in ten minutes - so maybe spend the £14 entrance for this somewhere else.

Sodermalm, the most southern island, didn't really have a lot to offer us other than views back over to Gamla Stan and the imposing sight of a cruise ship docking (loaded with Russian tourists no doubt!).

Tomorrow we'll be visiting the Ostermalm markets and relaxing in the park, maybe hire some bikes for the afternoon before heading off to replenish our tanks and make our way to Oslo with our expectations set high!

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