The Norwegian's know a thing or two about keeping roads clear! The Route 63 'tourist route' pass was dry as a bone despite 3-4 meter drifts at the side of the road. Our only slight disappointment so far on this trip is that Dalsnibba Pass was closed which is supposed to be a good view, however it costs 100NOK so we'll bank the difference and spend it somewhere else (probably the Norwegian Road Toll invoice when that comes through the post!).

The view over Geiranger has to be one of the best views so far, a shame we're going to have to mingle with some of the passengers on those cruise ships. 70 year old women with 'wrap around' sun glasses and the like, mutton dressed as lamb doesn't even come close to what we saw today!

Just for you Gordon, Sophie balanced precariously on another ledge!

Overnight Location GPS: (62.10361, 7.20285) - Parking overlooking ferry - no restrictions on overnight but only really suitable for upto 6m. Waste faclities at bus station on main road - Free.

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