We boarded our first ferry to Tau from Stavanger nervously since the fee for vans over 6.01m went up 4x. We're 5.98m but that all depends if you take the towbar into consideration or not. So far we've managed it with bridge tolls and the ferry was no exception - you board, get out if you like or stay put and the ticket collector comes round and you say what your driving. I'd imagine you could get away with whatever size van as they don't appear to check so best to get out and pay in the lounge to avoid being challenged. In Norway, the panel van conversion is king!

Today we trekked up Preikestolen, I suspect the severity of this hike is kept hush hush by the Norwegian tourist board - let's just say we saw several soles of walking boots ripped off on the path and a few people turning back, but not us!

We set off at 9.30 and made it up to the top before 12.00 in time for a well deserved lunch. The views were breathtaking and while it may be clearer in summer the car park had a 500 car capacity and coach tours run from miles around so I can't imagine it would be enjoyable as the majority of the route is single file with few if any passing places.

Tonight we're a bit sore and resting before another ferry or two tomorrow as we make our way slowly to Bergen.
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