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Wild Camping Locations
We travelled 1157 miles through Denmark in over a period of 18 days, from 11th until 28th April 2011. It was an onward journey and as such we are continuing to Sweden and coming back via Finland / Estonia. Much of the information about Denmark as a place to visit is available in our Denmark Country Guide (Click) however this is a personal reflection of our trip and our Wild Camping locations which are displayed on the Google Map at the bottom of this post.

What did we think to Denmark? Firstly we were blessed with fantastic weather for all but the first couple of days, it was between 20 and 28c at it's peak. This was the start to our 12 month trip and we didn't want to rush around too quickly as we both needed some time to relax and unwind and get back into the swing of life in a Campervan.

We didn't have any expectations for Denmark, it is certainly a very clean and orderly country and at no point did we feel unsafe when wild camping. It's worth mentioning that there are very few motor homes or campers due to the high tax on "luxury" vehicles of 180%, meaning carvans are extremely popular (as are trailers for some reason, try and spot a car without a towbar!). Wild camping is tolerated and widely practiced by the Norwegians and German vans we saw. We only saw one other English registered van on our trip.

Which brings me on to English, while everyone we spoke to could speak fluent English you could be forgiven for thinking they aspire to be British, in fact the people we spoke to had only ever met a handful of English tourists in Denmark. Instead, English is a convenient bridging language between Scandinavian countries and their neighbours and if anything the influence feels more American than British, certainly with the younger people we spoke to. It does make Denmark incredibly accessible to English though.

Tourist information is excellent, however you will begin to realise that in a lot of cases its a lot of fuss about nothing - with maps and glossy magazines for towns which in all fairness don't warrant them and often taken up by "further afield" so we stopped picking them up after a while. 

Price wise, Denmark is expensive - imagine shopping in Aldi but at Waitrose prices and you have an idea. I would recommend stocking up in Germany before crossing the border, especially for beer/wine. The Danes have the highest bottle tax in Europe which makes buying anything in a plastic or glass bottle expensive - so remember to take them back for recycling to get your "Pant" back. Fuel, surprisingly, is about 20p/litre cheaper then in the UK but prices at stations fluctuated on an hourly basis and varies by as much as 25p - fill up when you see the cheapest rather then when you are running on fumes!

Fresh water can be obtained at rest areas on motorways (every other rest area had them, we found) and waste disposal is available at the same place. Marina's are also accessible and we were allowed to fill up with fresh water and empty our toilet in the facilities provided - but ask first. 

Copenhagen was excellent, not quite as much wow factor as some of the cities we have visited and slightly numbed by the amount of construction and a new pipeline that was going down was creating but a good few days could be had wandering around and enjoying the atmosphere. The list of things to do and see is relatively small - the Round Tower, Botanical Gardens, Carlsberg Brewery and Gallery (opposite ends of the city) are all worth a visit.

In summary, we really liked Denmark and if you like peaceful towns and excellent beaches - get here now! If you like history, castles, forests and landscapes I would plan your route carefully and consider spending more time on the second two islands.

Wild Camping Locations
Below is a list of the places we stayed during our tour in Denmark. The files are also available to download in Autoroute, KML, CSV and TomTom formats by downloading our Denmark POI back by clicking here.

Interactive Map of our Denmark Wild Camping Locations

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  1. You are living the dream. My best friend and I have dreamt of taking a massive road trip in a camper for years. Unfortunately, fiancés and babies have put a kibosh on it but it doesn't hurt to dream.

    I'll be watching your blog with avid interest. Have a safe trip.

  2. I just returned from a trip to Denmark and very much enjoyed some of your "wild camping" locations. Examples are Hirtshals and Brondby Strand. Thanks for that !!

  3. Hi
    Have found your site really useful and have used some of the same wild camping spots. HOWEVER a I suggest you amend you wild spot for Copenhagen outside the Carlsberg factory to warn other travellers. We left our Motorhome there today and discovered on our return that we have been 'done'. Window forced, locked cupboard forced .... Not safe to stay there now.
    Still having a brilliant time and it is just 'stuff' that has gone, but the inconvenience is annoying.
    Best regards
    Katherine and James

    1. Hi Katherine & James,

      So sorry to hear that :( Wild Camping in cities is always a bit of a gamble, we were fine there but of course it only takes an opportunities to walk past, the same could be said for pretty much any wild camping location - I'm sure you felt self or else you wouldn't have left your van there. I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your trip.