Wow, what a day. We've spent nearly 12 hours on our feet exploring the city and we've not done all of it yet! After the minor disappointment with Copenhagen, Stockholm has certainly come up trumps.

Where do we start!

We made our way this morning to the Old Town, which is located on an island in the center of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, on which the Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral are situated. Despite being a very bright, sunny day old town which is probably the biggest tourist attraction in the city was largely quiet and we enjoyed an hour exploring the maze of old cobbled streets - avoiding the obligatory tourist tat shops along the way save to buy a postcard. We sat and enjoyed lunch in the sunshine and out of the wind where it could have easily passed for 20c (I say enjoyed, £5.50 for bread and ham from Co-Op, that or nearly £9 for two ready made sandwiches! I stress again, pack your van as if you were visiting the moon!).

After lunch we wandered past a small Indian restaurant doing a lunchtime buffet for £9 a person, but having just eaten our sandwiches we dragged ourselves away - after lingering long enough to enjoy the aroma's. I don't know if we can last much longer on this trip without a good curry!

It all worked out for the best, as we were able to stand and observe the impressive changing of the guards ceremony, I'm not sure I could ever master the trombone - never mind on horseback! (short clip available HERE.)

The palace itself I think we will save until tomorrow.

 The main shopping strip beckoned and we walked the entire length before resting at a park at the bottom. Sophie picked up some new shoes at probably the largest shoe shop in Stockholm. We chatted to the shop worker again, yet another person who rarely sees English tourists. It was interesting to learn not only are English lessons compulsory in Sweden but also it is taught in the 'Queen's English' - any American or other accent is strictly forbidden. Possibly not as strict in Denmark, where a Danish shop working expressed it would "last us long time" in an almost perfect Chinese accent!

It's Friday and the Swede's are showing off in their Lambogini's and Ferrari's, they've probably been stored since last year as apparently the snow only cleared here 3-4 weeks ago.

Looking forward to another full day tomorrow, feel slighly cheeky parked here in central Stockholm with view of the Radison and high class hotels and luxury yaughts a stones throw away - but all is above board, three other campers have joined us (one tag axel parked side on to the Marina) and we've seen a team of 4 parking Wardens who left everyone be. I can't say that this will necessarily continue so if you want to take advantage do so soon!.
The Narrowest Street in Stockholm

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