Last night we crossed the border into France having followed the Rhine
down as far as we could. We wanted to stay at a French Passion site
again as we missed their hospitality and choose one in Cleebourg. When
we arrived we wern't sure if it was open but after pulling back a huge
oak wooden door we found a bar area and lots of locals sampling the
wines - who were we to argue? We sampled a few glasses and found a white
we both really liked and took it back to the camper where we spent the
night round the back of the building In the
morning we decided we liked the wine so much we went back in and bought
a case to bring home!
Today we have visited Strasbourg which was lovely - so much history and
old buildings to see - something which Germany lacked a little. The
Christmas market was huge but a bit 'naff' compared to the hand made
crafts of Germany - although there were a few biscuit stalls. One thing
we have missed from France.... bread!!
We've just picked up some Wifi on our way to Metz so are posting a few
pics of Strasbourg - we'll be in Paris in a few days.

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