So... we like Belgium!

It is sort of like Germany but without the lack of 'authentic' history.
Ghent was a little more challenging to get parked but we managed it and
had a good walk around the centre. We've been looking for a Starbucks or an unsecured network we can post our blogs from... no luck yet, but
we'll keep looking!
So here are some pictures from Ghent...

Diesel has dropped to an amazing 85c/litre and we filled up a tank full - having paid upto 1.25/litre it was a big saving. We've also been managing over 31MPG on the last tank thanks in part to the flat Netherlands no doubt.

Tonight we are parked in central Bruge at an Aire right next to the bus station with about 18 other campers - a handful of which are English.  Tomorrow we'll venture into the centre and the day after we should be in
Brussles. I'll try and get Sophie to write the next blogs!!

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