We decided after Paris that we wanted to see something worthwhile before
traveling home for Christmas so we made our way to Mont St. Michel on
the north coast.

When we arrived there were no clouds in the sky so we parked the camper
up at the aire which was separated off in the car park which fortunately
gave us an incredible view. We had a wander round in and out the little
streets which led up to the abbey on top before it got dark and we also
managed to take some quite nice shots of the sun setting.

This morning we walked up the steps to the top of the abbey, not much of
a view from the top just sand really but the best park about Mont St.
Michel is the outside and the history of construction which has been
carried out through the centuries to make it was it is today.

We are now on our way to Rouen to an aire right in the city centre, we
will explore Rouen tomorrow then maybe head for Amiens for our last full
day in France before returning.
Enjoy the photos!

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