We woke up this morning to the sound of rain - and most of the other
campers here at the aire buggering off! It's a walking boots and big
coats day ....

We caught the bus into the centre which only took 5 minutes, there were
lots of English buses where we stayed the night and this was also
evident in the centre too. The houses and shop fronts were charming and
the canals meandered through the streets. However, it seemed quite
touristy with the cafe's showing off their Michelin stars in the windows
There was also speakers all over the place in the main square but also
down the little side streets with 'Proper Crimbo' playing which kind of
spoilt the mood and Bruge didn't need these things which we thought let
the city down.

Other than that the little Belgium chocolate shops were lovely and in
one you could see the truffles being made. There were lots of little
cafe's and lace shops too. It was very wet and rainy but we managed to
take a few good photos of the nicer aspects of Bruges.

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