Our first day in Paris started later then planned due to the bad weather. We made our way from the campsite to the bus stop, walking on the side of the road without a footpath at rush hour was... interesting! We got to our bus stop and on the the Metro. There was a huge que for the ticket machine, at least 30 or so people so we joined. We hoped to get a day pass like we have in other capitals, but no luck - we had to get tickets which were valid per journey. We got 20 of them!

Our first stop was the Notre Dam Cathedral - well it has to be doesn't it? We probably did our trip the wrong way around, this one should have been first! We then made our way into the shopping district and and some of the stores to keep out of the rain. We eventually took refuge in a Starbucks as we got our bearings and then had a wander around Luvre. Hopefully the weather will be a bit better tomorrow to take in more of the sites! The traffic in Paris is certainly interesting - and it's true what they say about the parking - it's pretty wild!

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