We woke up early again and it was a gorgeous day, really sunny and warm without a cloud in the sky. We got the same bus into Rome with our sights set for the Vatican museum as we didn't have chance to visit it yesterday. When we got there all we could see was people and 3 big Panasonic screens up around the square and then we saw the Pope, he was making a speech and it seemed everyone had turned out to see him so the Vatican was shut until 1pm. We took a few photos and headed towards the Pantheon. We stopped and took a few more photos on our way there as it was about an hours walk from where we were at the Vatican.

The Pantheon was pretty impressive and it was also free entry! After taking a stroll round the Pantheon which was based in a big square with lots of little restraunts based around the outside. We decided to sit down and have something to eat for lunch as we haven't really eaten out in Italy yet so we thought we'd sample the local flavors. As it is low season all the restraunts had offers. We sat down and had Pasta, a glass of wine/beer and a coffee for 12 Euroes which wasn't bad - plus the waiter was really lovely and took a photo of us at our table outside the Pantheon.

We then had another stroll down the main shopping street (by this time my feet were really hurting and I was actually struggling to walk!) After a few purchases we took the metro back to where we got off the bus and headed back to the campsite. We filled the tank up and emptied the waste and headed off for a Green Stop 24 site which was about 30 miles south of Rome. After a few miner glitches with me not being able to read maps etc we got there to find it had all been boarded up and had a bit of difficulty turning the camper round as there was 6 foot gates inf ront of us and no where to turn round! Very traumatic!

We looked at our Aires guide for Italy and found something 10 miles up the road, we turned up and there was no other campers there as expected but we were so tired from walking round Rome and driving for 2 hours so we but the ratchet straps across the doors and put the oven on for Pizza.

This morning everything was fine and we are now driving towards Pompei (Avoiding Naples!!) to a camp site Adam found last night whilst I was sleeping. We will update tonight or tomorrow night. Nice weather today too - around 20C.

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