So this morning we got up early and headed towards Pisa, it took us
around 1 hour 30 minutes to get there from where we stayed last night.
We arrived in Pisa at 10.30am and set out to find somewhere to park the
camper, as we drove through Pisa we noticed that there were quite a few,
well, as Adam calls them "Lookie lookie men" that is foreign men trying to
sell you cheap knock off goods. They were everywhere!! Every 10 meters
you walked/drove there was another one trying to sell you umbrellas or
D&G sunglasses which I thought in someways spoiled Pisa as it is such a
nice place. However .....
We walked toward the leaning tower and found how much of a tourist
attraction it was. There were crowds of people everywhere but that
didn't really bother us as the leaning tower was amazing. We walked
round and took some photos and found out how much the tickets were to
get up to the top of the tower - 15 euroes each just for the tower and
an extra 10 euroes each for the other attractions around the leaning
tower. So we decided not to go up to the top but Pisa was really
beautiful and we would both definitely recommend it to others.
As we headed towards our overnight stop we found an E.Leclerc which was a big supermarketlike Carrefour.
We went in and spent 50 Euroes but from the photo above our fridge is full and so are our cupboards! A well needed food shop as we hadn't seen a proper supermarket in Italyup until now!
We drove about 20 miles from Pisa to Cecina where we are staying
tonight, we also made a friend (see in the photos above!) We had lots of tasty cured meats which we bought from E.Leclerc earlier today with lots of salad. Yum!

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