We ticked over 5,000 miles on our drive north today. Trondheim was a strange place with not a lot going on except for a large cruise ship and a deserted fish market at eye watering prices. We were surprised to find allocated free motorhome parking right in the center so took advantage of the break in the weather (22c yesterday) to relax and recharge before heading further north.

We've decided that we are going to visit Nordkapp, we've come this far and while we'll certainly be back to Norway one day we don't know if we will come this far north again so we don't want to have any regrets. The journey will be roughly 800 miles but there seems a good few things to do en-route. However we're not going to do the Nordkapp tourist trap centre @ 200NOK per person (£45) we are going to park at Knivskjellodden Carpark for free and walk the 20km return walk to Knivskjellodden - the REAL most northern part of Europe. We'll still have to pay the tunnel @ 145 NOK each way + 47 NOK per passenger. I think Sophie might be hiding in the toilet for that!

The traffic today on the Atlantic Highway was mainly motorhomes, one UK registered van nearly drove into us with frantic waving and flashing - the first one we've seen in a long while. It has rained pretty much all today so when we arrived here at Troghatten and there was a break in the weather we decided we better go and see it for fear that it would rain all day tomorrow.

'It' was described to us as a "hole in the rock" - we thought it was a dodgy German - English translation but that is in fact exactly what it is. Formed during the ice age when the ice and water eroded loser rock (or by some troll throwing something through the mountain, if you subscribe to that sort of thing). The photographs are blurred thanks in part to the rain and mist which was blowing straight through soaking our trousers and coats - but you get the general feel of it. We spent most of our time trying not to fall over!

Overnight Locations:

Trondheim GPS: (63.42625, 10.38245) - Designated FREE motorhome parking minutes walk from the centre of Trondheim.

Troghatten GPS: (65.39473, 12.09809) - Car parking for Tronhattern, no parking restrictions on overnight.

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  1. Thanks so much for the tip about the free motorhome parking in Trondheim city centre! That will come in handy at some point in the future as my family lives there. I'm really enjoying reading about your experiences in Norway, I'm Norwegian but have lived in the UK for most of my adult life so it's great to read about Norway from a British point of view! By the way, it's called Torghatten (not Troghatten). Hatten means "the hat" and torg means market square, but I guess it must have another older meaning as well, as that doesn't make much sense in this context! ;o)