The road to the north cape gave rise to stunning views and it was almost worth the 600 mile trek from the Lofoten Islands for the scenery alone.

One place we had seen in nearly every tourist information office since Oslo was Alta - a collection of rock carvings dated some time in the BC. It costs £10 to get in but arrive after the visitor centre closes and you can wander around for free the helpful girl on the ticket desk told me.

I can't say we were that impressed in all honesty - it's not worth the entrance fee but worth a look if you are passing after 5.

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Overnight Location GPS: (69.98171, 23.45260) - Carpark next to recreation area overlooking the sea - other campers present. 

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  1. I couldn't disagree more. I've only caught glimpses of the rock carvings through the April snow cover today and the experience was very exciting. So much history close enough to touch! The museum alone is worth the entrance fee, lots of very well presented information on the rock carvings and some more about life in and around Alta.

    Well worth the visit and well worth the few quid to get in! I'll be back on my return journey to The North for another, closer look.

  2. Alta has the most northern lpg station in Norway. We arrived late on Friday only to find it was the ONLY lpg or fuel ststaion we had been to in Norway which didn't have automatic card payment. We returned on Saturday morning only to find it still closed. Our carefully laid plans for getting through lpg-free Finland had taken a step back! We encountered similar problems turning up in Tallin on a Saturday morning too - see comments on that blog too. Fortunately the weather had been kind, and our one 21kg gaslow bottle has lasted from Tromso, where we had, fortunately, topped up to Tallin, but beware turning up at weekends if you're relying on filling your lpg tank to get you through Finland