Leaving behind a wet and misty Nordkapp we stopped at the border of Finland to use the rest of our coins on some overpriced fuel station sandwiches and pacify our fuel gauge with 20 litres of Norway's finest diesel just enough to see us into Finland and cheaper prices (we hoped).

The scenery changes immediately and we are treated to perfectly straight roads and thousands of trees in every direction and next to no traffic and we pitch up in one of the many rest areas near one of the 100k+ lakes that make up Finland. Somehow we had totally forgotten that Finland was in the Euro and glad at last of cheaper diesel and food prices - £1.20 a litre for diesel and basics like bread, milk and meat are once again obtainable.

We spent £30 and staggered out of K Mart with two bags full of vegetables and meat - and mosquito spray, more on them in a minute. We also found some beer - 33cl can for 80p about 30% of the prices in Norway - bliss.

We spent two days near Vikajarvi in a National Park (GPS: 66.61987, 26.18537) doing washing, resting and getting eaten alive by Mosquito's. I squashed one this morning I found in the van which turned out to be full of blood, no doubt taken from me in my sleep.

We're currently in Oulu (GPS: 65.01882, 25.46251) - a town with free Wifi and also today only home to a Lidl Roadshow where girls in hotpants were handing out free food. Coke, Sausages, Potato Salad and cartons of Orange Juice. We stocked up of course!

The temperature this afternoon has been sweltering - the forecast said 30c but in the sun without any breeze it feels much more.

We're going to plan our route through Finland to Helsinki over the coming days but think that the mosquito attack may have some bearing on our route and we may stick closer to the coast then previously intended.

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