If you are looking for LPG (Autogas / Gaas) in Tallinn after arriving via the ferry from Finland where there is NO LPG you might be frustrated to find many of the publically listed LPG stations have now closed. We did manage to fill up when we stumbled upon a newly opened automated station by pure chance.

GPS Coordinates  59.41771 N, 24.75442 E 

The station is Automatic and the LPG despite being unnamed is Number 3. You use the pre-pay station to pay and select your maximum amount for pre-authorisation. It doesn't matter if you don't use all of the amount you have selected, you will only be charged for the actual gas you take. A receipt is available.

This station along with some others is listed on this website, which might be more accurate - I cannot verify the existence of any of the other stations however:


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  1. We went to one of the four LPG stations in Tallin listed in on a Saturday moring


    only to find that it was closed and was not an automatic payment station. We did find one of the others with payment by card and were able to fill up. Beware Saturday mornings - see also my comment on Alta in Norway - the next nearest lpg station if your going to Tallin by way of Nordkapp and Helsinki!