Just a quick update, given that we've found ourselves with open Wifi again! We woke up to a dark windy morning in Ribe, so slept in late and took full advantage of the on-site free water by both having a long hot shower (thanks Gordon for the tap attachments, small screw fitting which I didn't have before!) after which we set off for Esbjerg which wasn't all that great, expect for the four men (pictured) it was a largely industrial town.

We departed to explore the thin strip of mainland which seperates the sea from Ringkobing Fjord home of some of the Alantikwall WW2 fortifications and also we both had microdermabrasion thrown into the bargain thanks to the wind funneling between the gaps in the dunes as we watched the clouds race across the sky!  Currently parked up 'Wild' in sight of Lyngvig Lighthouse (N 56.05035, E 8.10558°), had tea (Chinese chicken curry with an extra large helping of vegetables on the side) and really enjoying our £1.76 (€2) bottle of Lidl's finest Pinot Grigo!

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