Yesterday we visited Kalundborg which our guidebook raved about, but in reality wasn't all that special. The castle (the smaller of the two pictured) was impressive, however the whole town was dead. Not even a car moved as we wandered around, it was like being on the set of 28 days later! We drove up to Havnebyen, a thin strip of land with a ferry terminal and an army base to spend the night.

Today we stopped briefly in Holbeck and explored two bike shops, the decision is between a Trek and a Giant bikes. The guy from the Trek shop told us of his camper van trip to Iran and we exchanged details, one for the future I think - lets get this trip out the way first! It seems insurance for far out countries is much easier to attain in continental europe then at home.

Tonight we're parked up at the Marina in Roskilde, having explored the town and the Cathedral - a world heritage site and had some tea, we're going to take it easy and have an early night!

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