Egeskov Slot
 Yesterday we tried to visit Egeskov Slot which is one of Denmark's most impressive castles, we arrived to an empty carpark and a sign saying "closed until 30th April". I knew we were out of season, but with an entrance fee of over £35 I don't think we'd have gone anyway. They did have Mini Golf  though...what is it with the Danes and Mini Golf, it's everywhere!

We seem to be doing pretty well with our Wild Camping spots here in Denmark, with another spot last night in a grassy car park overlooking the sea with nobody but wildlife for company. It seems that the Danes are pretty screwed on with their "No Camping" signs on many of the sea front car parks, so wild camping spots take a little more effort to find - which makes them all the more rewarding.

The weather has been very hot, about 25c today at it's peak. We visited the town of Svendborg and were reminded of why we bought a 6m van as we parked right in the centre with ease. We passed a bike shop and eyed up a couple of Trek mountain bikes at a price, according to Google, not too dissimilar to what they would be at home in the UK. The challange will be the rack. "For you, for free!" exclaimed the man in the shop, pointing to a cheap towbar clamp cycle carrier. I can see that coming off in one, bikes and all, while parked up somewhere exploring.

So we followed some directions from the english speaking assistant to a motorhome dealer, which turned out in fact to be a caravan dealer. "No motorhomes in Denmark, very expensive, half the price in Germany!". We already knew, the 2008 McLouis we saw for sale at the side of the road was nearly £45,000 equiverlant. So, we've e-mailed every Fiamma, Thule / Omnistore dealer we can find to see if we can get a rack for our van. We live in hope.

We left Svendborg and travelled to Langeland and to Tranekær Slot to walk around the large rounds of this impressive, but privatly owned, castle. Tonight we're back on Funen, another wild camping spot overlooking the sea which is pretty quiet (now the youth club has closed!).

Another thing we're confused by is the price of diesel which seems to fluxtuate on an almost hourly basis. If you pass a fuel station and come back the same way, the price will have changed without fail. Today we saw an automated station selling fuel for 9.7DKK (£1.14/litre) but it wanted a 2.75% fee for using our MasterCard. Instead we opted for a station up the road, which was selling fuel at 10.1DKK without the fee (£1.18/litre) and is the cheapest fuel we've seen so far in Denmark (or Europe this trip for that matter). A quick calculation showed that our van's trip is wildly inaccurate, reporting 26MPG as the actual figure is closer to 31MPG over the last 400 miles. These 50mph speedlimits are good for something, at least!

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