I've been playing with some HDR photos!
Despite looking a bit rough around the edges, Aarhus was a really nice metropolitan young feeling city which has obviously received some investment in recent years, which is still ongoing as the port / marina was undergoing some heavy groundworks. I can imagine that on an summers evening the bars and restaurants will be jammed packed. I'd like to come back one day.

It was quite a change from the oldy worldly touristy (and may I say slightly faux) Denmark we've seen on some of the tourist routes, the most notable being the 'Daisy Route' which we've picked up here and there. When we've strayed off the beaten track we've passed through villages which aren't so picture postcard and look like they could wel belong in Bulgaria (we'll confirm that either way when we get there!). We were suprised to see some designated motorhome parking on the Marina, but the signs were conflicting (one mentioned a fine of 590DKK - about £70) so rather than risk it we went for a wild spot in a local park.

Before existing Denmark we'll be updating our Country Guide as well as posting a summary of our trip and a map of our route, but our blog will remain 'as it happens' for those following our European tour.

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