Little bit of excitement in Lidl this morning when we forgot that they don't take cards, or at least not Mastercard or Visa. Sophie was left holding the trolley while I ran across the road to withdraw some more Euros we were running down before passing over to Denmark. All stocked up with food (about €60 - not bad for 4 packs of mince, chicken x2, sausage x2, pork minute steaks x2, loads of veg, apple juice, bottled water not to mention beer @ 33c a bottle and Pinot Grigio @ €2 a bottle!). Good job we did too as a quick reccy in Denmark bread is about €4 a loaf! Filled up with LPG, I say filled, we managed to squeeze 6 liters in which isn't bad considering we've had the heating on overnight and fridge on gas.

Currently parked up with one other camper in Ribe, Denmark's oldest town, having taken advantage of the free water and waste facilities on site. Heading to Esbjerg tomorrow, wonder if our luck with Wifi will continue? Here are a few photos to wet your appetite of Denmark, so far so good!

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