We started off the day by having a 2 mile walk around the central park in which we stayed overnight wild camping in Aarhus, sorry to say that we were lapped a couple of times by some marathon runners who were training for an event (there were some signs, but my Danish is still a bit rusty). Stopping off the Vejle, we noticed that the landscape is changing as we approach Little Belt Bridge onto the next Island of Jutland, no longer are the villages old and quaint but now contain large civic spaces, supermarkets and familiar shops (most at eye watering prices). Sophie spotted the digital camera she bought for £50 before we left for £160 in a Camera Shop, for example!

However the real destination for today was... Lego land! Ok, so we're a bit old for Lego but my parents loft is packed full of my childhood Lego models and having never visited the one in Windsor (and who would at £40 each!?) we decided to see the original thing here in Denmark. How much? Little tip, half an hour before the rides stop (6pm on a weekend) the park is actually free to get in - something which even the guy on the ticket office was unaware of.

The park and the shop are actually open right until 8pm so if you get in and want to go on a 'decent' ride make your way to the roller coaster, I actually managed to get Sophie on the log flume I was actually surprised at how small the park was (but I guess it would be huge if you were 5). It was good fun photographing the models made from the colourful bricks - on request a large selection are available here!



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  1. Thank you for the great tip about Legoland, saved us a lot of money!

  2. Thank you for the great tip about Legoland, saved us a lot of money!