We're currently based at a fantastic little aire in Flensburg, Germany's most northern city. After 850 miles of driving, this is a welcome break and the weather has been very kind to us (although maybe not as kind as it has to those of you stuck back in the UK!).

Flensburg is a great city and visiting towns and cities in Germany on a Sunday is a refreshing experience since all the shops are closed, with the exceptions of bars and restaurants who extend well into the streets.

We resisted the temptation of a bratwurst and a glass of Flensburger Pils (the locally brewed beer) and headed back to our van stuffed with food before heading into Denmark tomorrow.

We did a 'big shop' at Tesco before we left which having visited a Lidl in Germany yesterday to pick up some small bottles of water we now partly regret it - food is so much cheaper here. That said we're both European in our tastes so probably eat different things. One thing is for sure, we're stocking up on wine and beer before Denmark rather then pay the £40 for a bottle of wine as quoted on Denmarks tourism website! While we can take 900 litres of wine to Denmark we'll have to be careful to drink it before we enter Norway, since we can only take in 5 litres of beer or risk a huge fine!

Everything in the van seems to be working well - despite charging two laptops, two phones, and running the heating overnight the batteries are still well charged thanks in part to the LED lighting. The 1km Wifi Antenna coupled with a tripod is excellent, allowing us to post this while hooked up to the marina wifi - so far away I can't actually see it from here!

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