After a good run down to Dover, we pulled onto Marine Driver for some tea and to use the free BT FON internet while we waited for our 10pm ferry. Something always happens to us at border crossings, searched or otherwise questioned, sometimes by armed guards (Switzerland 2008). This time was no exception and as a result border crossings are always greeted with mild anxiety by me!

Customs Officer: "Do you mind if we hide some drugs in your camper?"
Me: "I think the correct answer to that question is no?"

Some further questioned followed- where are we going, is the camper van ours, how long are we going for etc.

Customers Officer: "Seriously though, can we hide some drugs in your van?"

Turns out they wanted to train a new sniffer dog! Was still slightly unnerving as the whole time our passports were held onto and visions of the van we had spent a week packing ripped apart like the Polish registered Sprinter in the bay next to us ensued. What if the previous owner liked a joint!? The dog was a beautiful Springer Spaniel who diligently jumped all over our van before finding the stash hidden under the table and returning, once rewarded with a tennis ball, to the back of the dog van on his own accord! At least we know for the rest of the trip the van will be clean (hello to the Customs Officer who took one of our blog cards!).
Overnight at the Ferry Terminal in Calais
We stayed in Calais over night at the ticket office (50.96770N / 1.86900E) which was largely undisturbed before travelling through Belgium, Netherlands and into Germany where we got the last space at Dummerlolhausen Nature Rerserve (52.52998N, 8.31009E). Managed to Fuel up in the Netherlands for 1.37/litre (£1.21/litre) but fuel here in Germany is nearer 1.50 (£1.32). Thanks largely to traffic and slipstreaming a few wagons we managed 31MPG - long may that continue (I sense not once we reach the heights of Norway!).

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  1. Hi Adam & Sophie, a good start, and a good idea to mention the drugs on your blog. Should you get searched down the road, a dog will will still show interest where those drugs were hidden weeks from now!! Have Fun.

    Blue Skies. Jim