Helingsor was a great little place and we parked on the harbour with a view of the magnificant castle at one side and a view unbstructed all the way to Sweden on the other and were unbothered for the time we spent there. The sun was scorching and made photography difficult, but we managed a few shots non the less.

The following day we chased a couple more Castles on our way Copehangen, firstly Fredensborg which had a large open garden which we spend an hour or more walking round - one of the more rewarding Castles (or Slots) we have been to. The second Castle of the day was Frederiksborg which also had impressive grounds - so we decided on a wander around. It puts places like Castle Howard, Clumber Park and Chatsworth House to shame that all of these places were just as, if not better, kept and free to enter.

We didn't go inside but if we had wanted to it would have been around £5 each, as it was such a nice day we decided to stick to the grounds and make the most of the sun!

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