Sorry for the delay with the update, a sudden influx of British (or more accurately Scotts!) last night kept me up talking to well passed my bedtime...

We spent a good day in Budapest yesterday, the metro was quick and efficient and cost £5 for a day ticket which covered all metro, tram and busses. If you're not going to use it much you can get a single ticket
for 70p a journey. I wouldn't recommend the busses though – when you visit you will see what I mean!

We started off in Pest and walked over the Chain Bridge after viewing the houses of Parliament, the views from here are fantastic and you can see the castle welcoming you to over to Pest. We took a cable car up to
the top and wandered around the castle and courtyard for a couple of  hours, arguably the most historical area of Budapest. After viewing the Waterfall, we crossed another bridge back into the main shopping district.

The money here is quite hard to understand… 1000ft is about £3.50. Sophie bought some new shoes as the ones she had were giving her some trouble after two days of capital crawling and explored some of the shops which weren't western high street brands.

We hopped back on the metro to take us to Heroes Square home to a monument very similar to the one in Berlin as well as several Spa Bath houses and Museum's. There are a lot of Museum's here in Budapest and if
you was here on a city break or a week you'd probably want to visit them all, but it's not really our thing – we like to take in as much as we can without joining the crowds of tourists!

So today we are heading off to Lake Balaton, but have decided that we might dip into Croatia after inspecting it… we'll just have to see.

Not sure when we'll have Wifi again so you might not see any updates for a while – hope everyone is keeping well! Adam & Sophie.

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