So we left the campsite after a few arguments with campsite staff about our discount card which seemed to be fine when we arrived we payed by credit card and then called to cancel the transaction... so be warned, staff at Camping Indije I think have been informed to try and get out of allowing people the discounts! We even parked in the pitch we was asked to in order to obtain the discount, watch this space.

So bad things seem to come in threes. On the way out we got stuck in a 5 hour tailback which wasn't too bad being in a camper, we just sat back and watched a few episodes of Family Guy and then the 1980's classic Rain Man while drinking orange with ice cubes!

Once we had got out of Croatia we headed to Italy to Trieste which on the face of it seemed pretty industrial and not very camper friendly. So we headed back inland to spend the night in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana where we will explore tomorrow.

Not much to report in pictures today, hopefully something more interesting tomorrow.

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