So today is my birthday. I'll not say how old, but old enough for now! It was really nice to spend it in the capital of Ljubljana, the smallest capital we've vistited if you don't include places like San Marino and Monaco.

Slovenia is such a compact and clean country, everything seems to be just right. The city had an antiques and crafts market in full swing as well as local artists out displaying their works. We walked up to the castle which overlooks the old town and the city as a whole, shielded on all sides by mountain ranges. Getting the tram back down (really, we did that the wrong way!) we walked along the river with weeping willow trees dressing the banks.

It was hot again today, probably about 25c, and we had a nice lunch in an Italian which massive Pizza's but probably one of the best I've ever had. The prices here are modest too, as was Hungary, but being in Euro's are much easier to understand!

We spent probably about 5 hours here and it was easy to get to from the campsite ( )with a bus stop outside and just 1 Euro each way. Next stop... Lake Bled...

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