Today we ventured off site to the Triglav National Park and up the cable car which takes is 1550m up to the top of the peak. At the top there are lots of little cafes which are obviously heaving in the winter season when the place turns into a Ski Resort, but during the summer months have vastly discounted prices. We settled for Apple Strudel which was fantastic. We got the lift back down and then on to the Water Fall which was well worth the walk to and from.

On the return we decided to go down the scenic route through some little villages who were drying hay. I'm not sure they'd seen a camper van before and they were in danger of having one as a permanent feature had we not managed to negotiate some of the tiny roads and gaps between houses without incident.

This is the longest we've ever stayed in one place, but it was good to have a rest from our usual fast paced travelling which picks up again tomorrow when we set off for Germany.

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