The lake all revolves around the little island, imaginatively named  Bled Island, in the middle on which there are 99 steps leading up to a small church which was built in the 15th century. The only way to access it is by boat, costing 10 euro if you go on a gondola or the same if you are to hire one of your own. We decided on the latter and Sophie enjoyed being paddled around the lake, although her directions could have been better!

We walked the whole trail around the edge of the lake which is about 4 miles and allows you to see not only the island but all of the Julian Alps which surround the lake. Gets a bit colder here on a night then in Croatia, but thankfully its still 25c + during the day which is ideal. Was going to have a dip in the lake but thought better of it!

We've just been sat at the bar on the site and now in need of some sleep....

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