So, we ventured into the city of Verona today and there seemed to be some kind of protest going on in the streets and there was police everywhere waving traffic through red lights .....

We were stuck driving around Verona in traffic for about an hour trying to look for somewhere to park but we weren't in luck! We ended up taking photos as we drove through the city centre whilst stuck in traffic. We wanted to go over to Venice the next day so we headed for a place called Fusia where we stayed that night on a proper camp site for 30 euroes!!! We didn't like paying that much but as the ferry set off the next morning every hour from 8am right outside the camp site we didn't have much choice.

We (me, Sophie!) did some washing as we got to the campsite at around 3pm so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to wash some clothes! My mum will be so proud - hand washing - I hate it, now I see my mum hates handwashing my diesel jeans every week!!!

At around 5pm the sun went down and we sat by the lagoon with a large glass of wine which was great. We are going to get up early tomorrow morning and catch the 8am ferry across to Venice, I am really looking forward to getting a proper shower in the morning but that means getting up at 6:30am, which reminds me of work!! We will update tomorrow night on our trip to Venice.

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