So this morning we had a look at our eye witness guides for Italy and
decided to go to Lake Garda today. After looking at the satnav we
decided to take the toll road as it supposidly would have taken us 5 and
a half hours to get there but only 2 hours on the toll roads and after
our previous experiences of small country roads in Italy we decided the
toll road was the best option.
We arrived at Lake Garda and decided it would be nice to drive up the
scenic route which would take us into Garda itself. Weather not too
brilliant at the moment but we parked the camper up and walked round
Garda which was really beautiful (See pics above) there were little
narrow streets and the lake itself was magnificent and would have been
even better if it was sunny!
We managed to take a few pics before it got dark, I think we are going
to stay here tonight and take the bikes into Garda again tomorrow
morning if weather permits ......

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