Ok, it’s Sophie again now, I will try and start off from where Adam left it a few days ago.
We were going to drive down to Marseile that day but we ended up stopping at a place called Avigion (See photos above) We parked up across the river from the tourist attractions were there were a few other motorhomes already parked up. We walked across the bridge (Windy!) and walked up to the Popes Palace (Palais des Papes) which was amazing, the view from the top was great.
We left Avigion at around 3.30pm and drove through Nimes which was another little town with tourist attractions dotted around everywhere – we didn’t stop in Nimes but we took a few photos as we drove through. As it was getting on into the evening we ended up driving to a French Passion sight in Sommiers which suprisingly didn’t take too long to find as the directions in the book were quite acurate. We parked up and walked a few metres to the ladies house, she spoke very good English so we had a look around her shop were we tasted some vintage 2001 wine which was only 12 euroes!! We obviously ended up buying 2 bottles, one red, one rose.

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