My turn to write the blog (Adam)! As expected the Cockrils woke us up at 5am, one of them sounded a bit broken but the other one was a belter. Little bugger. The facilities at the farm were fantastic and we took the opportunity (well, I did, Sophie watched!) to empty the waste tanks and take on fresh water.

We went to Laon which is up on a hill and a walled city like a mini version of York. There was a service on in the Cathedral and we had to squeeze the camper between a discovery and a fiat with mm to spare. Phew!

Then came Reims, a fantastic Notre Dame cathedral where we got a front row parking space (see above!).

Just a quick blog entry from outside a McDonalds in Reims - we're off to Champagne now and will be staying on another French Passion site tonight in Humecourt.

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