Today has by far been the most ‘interesting’ day so far. We woke in Château-des-Prés after spending a night on the edge of the Alps. After breakfast we set off for Geneva after looking at some maps to find the best way to go. However both our first and second attempt was foiled by the freshly tarmaced road turning into a dirt track right before us and a french lady waving us down and shaking her head, judging by the state of her car we wern't going to get through in the camper! So we tried in the other direction only to find a german wagon stuck! So we turned round and headed back to Saint Laurent and picked up the bigger road.

After a wonderful scenic drive through the alps and the ski-resorts preparing for the first fall we arrived at the Swiss border. We trickled through the border traffic passports in hand when the guard at the border who first waved us through caught a glimpse of our UK plates and shouted for us to stop. We apologised (for what, we don’t know) and carried on to Lake Geneva. We only stayed for an hour or so as the city itself is much like any other and not really designed for a camper van! The journey out passed the border, however, was a little more interesting – having been pulled over to one side and having our camper searched by two border guards! They were in good spirits (unlike the guy on the way in) and after asking if we had any drungs (no!) or more than 10,000 euro (we wish!) we were let on our way – feeling a bit like naughty school children. It's good to be back in France!

The stresses of today were rewarded, however, when we arrived at our French Passion stop in Liergues. For anyone reading this blog who is not familar with French Passion, it is a book you buy for about £25 which lists about 1500 farmers, vineyard owners etc who allow you to stay on their land in a motor home for free. The hope is that you buy some of their produce but its never forced upon you or even offered in some instances unless you ask. We bought two bottles of Domaine Berger Des Vinges – one white and one red for 4.50 each – we drank the white and it was fantastic, needless to say we’ll be getting some more before we leave! I’m writing this looking out over vinyards and classic french houses. It’s a little wet, but beautiful. Tomorrow we’ll visit Lyon and I’ll upload this as soon as we get Wifi access from McDonalds!

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