We managed to catch the earlier ferry at 11.15pm and arrived in Calais at 12.45am (Very tired by this point) We then drove an extra 30 miles or so to an Aire in Boulogne – However, we seemed to come across another satnav adventure which took us up some kind of farm track which Adam assured me “wouldn’t” puncture our tyres! We drove about 5 miles up this track which seemed like 100 miles and we were just about to give in and turn round when thetrack brought us out to a main round – what a surprise!
The aire had around 15 motorhomes on which was a welcoming site! We finally got to sleep at around 3am only to get woken up again at 8am by a frenchman wanting 3 euroes off us!
We slept until 12 noon to catch up on some sleep and then we set off down one of the many motorways to Reims, we were about 80 miles from there when we decided it was getting late so we looked at the French Passion guide to find somewhere to stay overnight for free. We ended up around 50 miles from Reims in a little village called Ham. It is a farmers piece of land and right next to us there is a pen with lots of little goats, turkeys and geese. I stood and talked to them for a bit whilst Adam lifted the bikes down from the bike rack.Weaher is great, the temperature isn’t hot but not cold either so we decided to go for a bike ride down the little lane which ended up taking us down a few more little lanes!
We are now sat having a cup of tea at 7.30pm, just chilling.

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