Puerto de Mazarrón
 We have finally arrived at our Christmas destination of Sophie's parents rented villa in Puerto da Mazarron. The area is surrounded by hills and seems to exist in its own microclimate, there air is warm and dry and the temperature reaching 25c in the early afternoon - hardly feels like Christmas! The area seems popular with motorhomes and there are plenty of Wild Camping locations out and about which we will explore and report back on in the new year.

En route to here we visited Guadalest which is a pretty village but somewhat spoilt by tourist tat and several museums of miniatures touting bible on a pin head and such like, its unsurprising that the area is heavily geared toward day trippers from Barcelona and Benidorm.

 Speaking of which, it would be rude not to call in at this notorious Brit hotspot to go 'Madge Spotting' and true to form they were out in force, women in their 70's clad in fur and Leopard print leggings. 
Out of season the beach is stunning and clear to see why this place has attracted so many people to purchase property here. Parked on the front, our campers caused quite a stir with passers by looking through the windows, it was difficult to resist triggering the alarm to give them a fright!
A Panaroma of Benidorm

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

Sophie & Adam

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  1. A very merry Christmas to you both. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and always look forward to see what your next adventure will be. Enjoy every day. Hope 2012 brings more adventures for you. All the best for the New Year! Claire