We got up incredibly early and were on the road by 8am in time to watch an impressive sunrise over the Mediterranean as we headed to Cadaques. The town turned out to be fairly unfriendly for parking and the large out of town car park charged 20c per 6 minutes, we didn't feel like staying as there wasn't anything that we particularly wanted to see there.

Our first proper walkabout on Spanish soil was Girona with its impressive walls and tall pastel coloured buildings rising above the Riu Onyar. The large cathedral stands prominently at the start of the old town and the main street; Rambla de la Llibertat, is lined with shops and busy cafes. The walk along the old walls gives magnificent views of the city and surrounding snow topped mountains in the distance.

The intention had been to try and somewhere to free or wild camp along the seafront on the approach to Barcelona and make the journey into the city in the morning in order to make the most of the city centre aire. As it transpired this was not an easy task made more difficult as the train track runs along the coast effectively cutting the road from the beach in many locations. We exhausted a number of our GPS locations and we decided that, with a new Autotrail in tow, we were going to head straight for Barcelona and spent the night there.

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