Tarragona yielded a fantastic and well used Wild Camping location right on the beach (GPS: 41.12935, 1.30455) where we stayed for two days to recover from our whirlwind tour of Barcelona. We were reminded of our weeks spent parked up on Greek beaches and were treated to several fantastic sunrises over the sea giving Adam's parents just a taste of what we experienced while we were there and we're pleased to report they have really taken to the concept, no more campsites for them!

We are starting to see a great deal more English registered motorhomes who are "here for the winter", these are on the whole a different type of traveler to those we have been meeting in places that bit further afield and we've had a few faces pulled when we've mentioned Eastern Europe! Perhaps we can educate them, or maybe not.


After tearing ourselves away from the coast we drove inland, navigating many hairpin bends before we arrived at the free aire at Morella (GPS: 40.62398, 0.09141). The town was virtually deserted and the lady in the tourist information office seemed a little surprised to see us but overall the town felt relatively authentic compared to similar walled towns we have visited. The 1000m difference in altitude yielded a 10c drop in temperature which meant highs of just 3c overnight, we couldn't wait to get back to the coast and another great little wild spot on a deserted pebbly beach (GPS: 40.20741, 0.25986) complete with weird rubbish trees with the remnants of summer rubbish made into art worthy of the Turnip Prize.

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  1. Hi Adam and Sophie, Hope you are well, we met briefly in Platja Llarga, we love your blog and look forward to following your travells in Morroco. We went to Morrella for the day for a look round. Now staying in Javea for Xmas, got good internet so will be able to update our blog. Have a great xmas, si and jo faux x

  2. Totally know what you mean about a 'different type of traveller' - we received a lot of funny faces when we mentioned to people that we were heading to Turkey, and then a lot of strange expressions on the way when we told people where we'd been! Including the UK customs officials in Dover ;) Wonder what they'll think of you guys! Hope you had a good Christmas :)