We've been in Poland 4 days now and we've got to be honest, we're finding it hard to form an opinion. Whilst it is of course early days the sheer amount of traffic on the roads and standard of driving is by far the worst we have encountered so far on this trip. This is due in part as a large number of the main roads are single carriageway except for a narrow shoulder which we seem to spend a lot of our time driving down to either avoid oncoming overtaking traffic or to let people passed so they don't take us with them in their maneuver!

At this point there doesn't seem to be a great deal of either Wild Camping opportunities or Aires so we visited a small German owned campsite called Agrotouristik for €12. The owners were incredibly friendly and it was more like staying in the garden of a country house then it was staying on a site. The 'toilet block' if you can call it that rivaled most of the hotels we've stayed in and included a black and white wet-room with a shower for two!

From here we made our way to Malbork, a double page in the guide book and usually something not to miss. While the castle was certainly impressive, the surrounding "Festival" was not. We christened it the "Festival of Tat"  - if plastic swords and viking helmets is your thing you could fill your boots!

Overnight Location GPS: (54.04194, 19.02389) - Campsite right next to castle - clean facilities £10/Night

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